Barry’s Day 1 of the C9 Diet

I was dreading the start of this C9 diet and exercise regime, but today has gone rather well.

I woke up feeling very positive and before the alarm. We weighed ourselves and also measured our chest, arm, waist, hip, thigh and calves. feeling motivated we went on a power walk for 30 minutes; feeling strangely energetic for someone that had not had breakfast.

Starting weight: 15stone 2 3/4 pounds

Chest : 106cm

Biceps: 34cm Left, 37cm right

Waist: 102cm

Hips: 100cm

Thighs: 60cm left, 61cm right

Calves: 41cm left, 39cm right

Next was our special breakfast of 120ml Aloe gel and supplements washed down with water. The gel was downed, and I barely tasted the bitterness, so was pretty chuffed.I was now ready to start my day.

Hunger was not coming, which is strange. I’m sure anyone that knows me would agree that by 11:30am I will have eaten a horse, but due to the programme I had my next drink of fibre mix. Not really flavoured, so went down easily.

I went to the library to study, and it wasn’t until about 13:45 that I started to feel the familiar feeling of hunger. Once home my lunch of 120ml aloe gel, and supplements was washed down by a surprisingly wholesome chocolate shake. Hunger disappeared instantly. I now seriously believe this regime will be followed with no problems.

My afternoon was spent doing DIY, and I was energetic, completing everything that I needed to do. Victoria returned about 18:00 and we went out for a jog/power walk and found a delightful cut through to the flood plains to Chelmer Village; another perk to exercising together is exploration and finding new routes 🙂 Upon our return we had our dinner of 120ml aloe gel and supplements. Again this seemed to hit the spot, although later on I did feel a little peckish about 20:00, but we were then allowed our last 120ml of aloe gel and washed down by water. Victoria tried to make the gel more palatable by adding lemon juice and put it into a cocktail glass. For me, no lemon juice, but a fancy glass – this was a bad idea as I could not down it and I tasted it.

By 22:15 we are both feeling proud of our days achievements. There is no way we will not benefit from this regime; bring on day 2.




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