Victoria’s Day 1 of her C9 Wedding Diet

With just 2 months and 7 days until our wedding my motivation to lose weight and get on track with my fitness was top of my agenda when I started the Forever Living C9 Diet! I had my first dress fitting last week – and although my dress fits – I would like to lose 1/2 stone at least so I can feel amazing on the day!

I am not one of these people that is too worried about my weight – I probably should be – but I am happy in my skin, feel sexy and confident. The reason for my diet is more for the benefits of living healthier. Feeling less sluggish and more on it! Working full time and being a mum needs a certain amount of get up and go – and as I am getting older I have felt a real shift in my energy levels – so now is the time to do something about it – and the bonus is I may get to get back into my favourite black dress from my days in the city 5 years ago – that does up – but I can’t move in! So if in 9 days time I can walk out the house in that dress I know I will feel amazing!

Waking up to the first day of the diet was great – so positive and loved the thought that in 9 days I am going to be on top of the world… then came breakfast! So I had tried the Aloe Vera gel before as a shot … and it was OK – but I poured my 120ml out into a glass and happily took my first swig – and I am not going to lie it wasn’t pleasant … breakfast was a struggle. Thoughts of giving up went through my head – how can I possibly drink this 4 times today?! But I saw a tip before we started on the support page on Facebook – which is a fab help – and someone had recommended brushing your teeth for the mint taste and it curbed it just enough for me to force it down – I felt accomplished!

After a 30 minute walk, breakfast and all our measurements taken I was ready to start a week at work! And actually it was surprisingly easy to get through the day! I did have an apple (a free food) around 11am but come 1 o’clock I shook up my vanilla shake and took it on my walk around the fields with a few girls from the office – we have started a walking club! It was great! We did just shy of 2 miles, burnt 180- calories and had a good 40 minute gossip!

I tried adding lemon to my lunch portion of my Aloe Vera Gel. I brought them into work to have a hot lemon on the tea rounds – but actually a squeeze of half a lemon worked wonders on the taste of the gel and made it go down so much easier – my lemon and aloe vera cocktail has been born!

I am not going to lie, getting home after work was tough – I felt hungry – or thought i did – and really craved food. We went for a walk to get our minds of it and I am so glad we did! We came across a path that ended up taking us to fields and the countryside – if you knew where we lived this is quite a surprise find!

We walked across the fields and found the canal and a lock – so pretty… and do you know what we would not have found it if we were not on this diet! It was a lovely evening stroll, and took our minds right of the food and back on track – we came home to our aloe gel dinner and got onto researching more about the wonders of aloe vera and setting up this blog and Facebook pages for our new Forever Living business!

So far – feeling amazingly positive and proud day 1 is complete! Day 2 may be more trying but it is just one more day! Someone once told me that if you focus on the negatives then things will seem so much worse – so to get me through tomorrow I am going to have a day about thinking of my wedding dress and the wedding and how amazing I will feel – and the hunger will be a distant thought in my mind!!


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