Victoria’s Wedding C9 Diet day 2

With Day 2 nearly over I can safely say that I cannot wait until dinner time tomorrow!

A lot of people have asked me if I am hungry… the answer is YES! But its not my body that’s hungry it’s me! I am missing food but at least my body isn’t! I feel full of energy – which is weird – and strangely I am starting to tolerate the taste of the Aloe Gel!

My early morning walk didn’t quite go to plan… one thing that has not changed is my inability to wake up in the mornings! Luckily for me this week we have started our lunch time walking club which got me out again at lunch for a 2.25 mile walk and a further 220 calories burnt! Luckily the sun was at bay so it was quite a pleasant walk! We even came across a library within a phone box, and helped with directions to some new dog owners to be! That was our good deed for the day!

So back to the diet… I tried the chocolate shake today – it has my vote as being the best flavor! I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 Looking forward to having them both for breakfast and lunch tomorrow… how very exciting!

So in terms of working this diet round work – it has been pretty easy! I resisted some amazing looking cakes that came into the office as a celebration of one of the designers birthdays – and I survived sitting next to my account manager eating the most amazing smelly ready salted hula hoops and a can of diet coke… oh how I miss the sound of a can of diet coke opening!

Dinner has been completed – Ollie had a try of the gel as he wondered what Barry and I where up too… his face says it all!


So overall impressions of the diet – it is easier than I thought! Looking forward to jumping on the scales tomorrow and taking my day 3 measurements! I think that 2 days is manageable and it just goes to show that we don’t need to eat half the amount of c**p that I usually eat – and I actually feel so much more energetic for it!

For anyone that is interested in knowing more about the benefits of Aloe Vera in your diet – I can recommend this website I found last night! So many benefits out of a plant!

On another note – I can highly recommend the Aloe Vera tooth gel for anyone who is looking to whiten their teeth or who struggle with plaque and gum disease… I have been using the toothpaste for the past 3 weeks alongside my normal fluoride toothpaste and my teeth look amazing! I wish I took a before and after shot! I would say the plaque on my teeth have reduced by 80% … I am sold! I have just ordered another tube (Barry’s going to hate me! So far I am our biggest customer!!!)


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