Barry’s day 3…

Hey everyone,

I woke up a little tired today as my bedtime did not happen until 1am. Go to bed sooner most would say, but as yesterday I felt so energetic that I wanted to continue working until late into the night to capitalise on the drive I felt.

This late night energy is a strange phenomenon, especially as I had not eaten since Sunday evening, been studying for hours on end, and given three sports massages before I went to rugby training.

I can not really explain it in a coherent manner, but certainly attribute it to not eating crap and re-educating my body and mind about what hunger actually is. 

I woke up and my guts were gurgling, which I assumed was hunger. I usually would’ve eaten 4 crumpets to satiate my hunger pangs, but instead had some water which was what my body required, and downed my aloe gel.

After sorting Victoria’s breakfast, lunch and snack; I washed up, and ran at a quickened pace to the shops to buy some skimmed milk for my shake, but low and behold I had to buy semi-skimmed as they were out. Sprinting back, I worked out to MTV Classics to complete pyramids of press-ups and sit ups for 20 minutes, before getting ready to go to my massage course.

I still was not that hungry, but had my shake which I am really starting to enjoy; although strangely I preferred it with skimmed milk.

At my massage course I worked on a guy in his fifties in the morning, and an old uni mate in the afternoon. The morning I found myself being a little tentative and over thinking the treatment, but the afternoon I felt comfortable and tried to really work on Dave’s calves as he had an Achilles issue, that possibly was going to be operated on. For lunch I had another shake, and easily sat through my tutor and another student eating lovely food next to me; which again surprised me. The afternoon was an effective therapy session, although Dave should rent his calves out as a workout session, as they are like tree trunks, I was dripping with sweat by the end of that, but it was good that David could now go up on tip toes without shearing pain. The amazing work of massage!!

After my tutelage I drove home at 5:30pm to find Arron at my doorstep requiring work on his shoulder, which after an hour of ‘beating up’ had a better range of motion. This left me pretty hungry, and my body and mind both agreed I needed some sort of sustenance, water put off the pangs of hunger for about half an hour, but Victoria was like the cavalry and brought an array of foods that we could eat. 

We had sausages, aubergines, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and rocket that was high in flavour, and below 600 calories. This obviously perked us up, and allowed us to relax into the evening, as Victoria our friend Emily around, and I played on the computer. 

After Emily left Victoria wanted me to play with her shoulder, and I obliged; a late night massage is definitely something I wouldn’t have had the energy to do before; perhaps its the diet/exercise regime??  

 We then felt relaxed and we finished our wonderful day.


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