The Watkins Blog Guide to Christmas Hangovers

So apparently us Brits consume around 250million pints of beer and 35million bottles of wine at Christmas – That’s impressive! I know I contribute nicely to those stats with all the client entertaining and parting with friends over the festive season – so I thought I would share with you my hangover top tips!

  1. Water! Drink Plenty of it! dehydration is one of the main reasons behind a hangover – so the simplest, cheapest and best advice I can give is drink H2O!
  2. Aloe Alcohol – Goodbye Hangover! My new best friend! I take 60ml of Forever Living Aloe Juice before I start drinking – and 60ml before bed… I have to say I can definitely feel the difference when I am unprepared with my Aloe Juice (As I found out after a wedding last week!) It’s not just me raving about this wonder substance – check out a few articles that also swear by it! , – and still want more evidence – google it 🙂
  3. Fill up your stomach! Eat plenty of Carbs and Protein before you head out and start drinking! Never drink on an empty stomach – it always helps! Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, and the longer it takes the alcohol to reach your blood stream, the longer it is until you become intoxicated.
  4. Avoid fizzy drinks as mixers – apparently they speed up the absorption of alcohol into your system… bet you didn’t know that one! Thanks NHS Choices!
  5. Exercise – OK so this is one I don’t tend to take my own advice on – but endorphin release could boost your mood, so dig out your running shoes and get going! And burning off a few calories may ease your guilt about how much you drank. Just be sure you keep your water bottle handy so you don’t become even more dehydrated.
  6. Pear Juice – I am not kidding! Research has shown that drinking pear juice before alcohol may reduce the effects of a hangover by 16-21 percent by inhibiting alcohol absorption – I like those odds! Thanks Telegraph
  7. Avoid a Fry Up the morning after! I know, I know – sometimes the thought of a greasy fry up sounds amazing – but it can actually aggregate your stomach more making you feel worse! But you are right in thinking Carbs is the way to go – instead, reach for the toast and slow release carbs will sustain your energy levels for longer!

So there you have it folks – my top tips! Now of course a hang over can be completely avoided if you stay off the alcohol – and remember drink sensibly!

So to conclude all you need is Water, Aloe, Food and Pears – Good luck!


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